new jersey residents save on solar

New Jersey Residents Save big on solar!

Three Reasons Why Solar is So Hot in New Jersey Right Now

  1. It’s plain and simple. Go Green and Save Green! By going solar, you’ll be able to drastically reduce your electric bill.
  2. By going solar you’ll be eligible for state and federal tax benefits, as well as SRECs.
  3. And you’ll be doing something amazing for the environment for generations to come.

What’s so special about SRECs?

SRECs (Solar Renewable Energy Certificates) are only available in New Jersey! As you generate your own electricity with your very own custom built solar panel system, you earn SRECs, which can be sold (much like a stock on the stock market) back to your utility company for cash.

Essentially, SRECs are earned until you sell them. Exactly how much you are paid per SREC depends on the current market rate for SRECs when you decide to sell them. For every 1000 kwh of energy you produce through your solar system, you earn 1 SREC. A typical solar system may generate 7-10 SRECs per year (however, everyone’s situation is different, so results may vary).

So, in addition to the savings you’ll see each month off your electric bill, you can sell your accumulated SRECs for extra cash. Since the sun and your solar panels are doing all the work for you, you’ll be earning extra money without even working at it!