save money with solar

There are many benefits of solar energy. By harnessing the power of the sun
with a custom designed solar system from SI Solar, you can save yourself some
cold, hard cash. Plus, together we can create a more eco-friendly environment
that can be enjoyed by current and future generations.

  • Go solar for $0 out of pocket

  • Save money by lowering your utility bill

  • Gain control of your finances by locking in your electric rate, thereby protecting yourself from future utility price increases. Electricity Rates in the Tri-state area have increased at a 5% annual rate over the last decade.

  • Increase your home’s resale value.

  • Obtain peace of mind with available warranties of up to 25 years.

  • Hassle free experience. The professionals at SI Solar will handle everything for you from permits to installation.

More Benefits for you…and the planet

  • Help reduce our dependence on costly foreign oil.

  • Slow down the depletion of the ozone layer by burning less fossil fuels.

  • Enjoy cleaner air as a result of less pollution caused by burning oil and coal.

  • Protect our health and environment from the dangerous leaks that can occur with nuclear power.

Solar Energy Facts
For more solar energy information, check out The Process tab, or read about how solar energy works in the Solar Simplified sub-tab.

Solar In A Blackout
Regardless of how well prepared the utility companies are, blackouts can and do occur. Many people believe that if they power their home with their own solar panels, they can continue to make their own electricity, even if the power goes out. But, unfortunately that is not the case.

solar in a blackout

Utility Repair In a Blackout

You cannot access power from your solar system during a blackout, unless you have battery backup.

Even though you are producing your own power, your solar system is still connected to your utility company (the grid) to bring you power during night time hours, when it’s cloudy, or excess power in the event you are using more electricity than you are producing. Since your home is still connected to the grid, your solar panel system has a safety device that turns itself off during a power outage to prevent back feeding to the grid.

Simply put, the automatic shut-down of a solar powered system is necessary for the safety of utility workers who may be working on electric lines, transformers, power systems, and/or the grid itself.

Since your solar panel system contains software that senses if grid power has been lost or restored, the system will automatically turn itself back on after your utility company has resumed power.

A solar powered battery back-up system can be purchased, which would allow a homeowner to power his or her home during a blackout; however, these systems are relatively new and very costly to purchase and maintain. As technology improves and advances in these systems make them more cost effective, they may be something to consider in the future, but most solar energy companies, including SI Solar, discourage clients from purchasing a solar powered battery back-up system at this time.

Create Your Own Emergency Kit
If a blackout does occur, be prepared IN ADVANCE with your own emergency kit. See what you should include in yours.

Solar Energy Facts
For more solar energy information, check out The Process tab, or read about how solar energy works in the Solar Simplified sub-tab.

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