give solarBy Theresa Ficazzola
Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks for what we have. And if we’re lucky enough to have a little bit extra, it’s a reminder for us to give back.

Whether your passion is feeding the hungry, expanding the arts, helping our animal friends, ensuring your neighbors are well cared for, giving to underprivileged countries, funding medical research, contributing to the education of our children, or doing your part to help mother earth, there are certainly enough charities to choose from.

According to the National Center for Charitable Statistics (NCCS), more than 1.5 million non-profit organizations are registered in the U.S. While reliable data makes it difficult to determine the number of charities worldwide, some estimates put the number of non-profits at about 10 million, with India topping the list at around 2 million charities.

When deciding where your hard-earned money will go, be sure to choose a charity carefully. Visit or before donating to see if the charity is using most of its donations for its stated mission, rather than expenses, such as overhead, salaries or marketing. According to Charity Navigator, an organization should spend at least 75% of its expenses directly on its programs.

And don’t forget, you may be able to receive a tax deduction if you itemize your taxes for a qualified charitable donation—the higher your income, the higher your deduction. So, speak with your accountant for more details regarding your personal income and itemized donations to see if you qualify.

Rather than donating to a charity, you can help the earth directly and keep some extra money in your own wallet, by installing solar panels on your home. You can go solar for $0 down, save money on your monthly electric bills and help the planet by going green. Find out more by scheduling your free, no obligation appointment with SI Solar today.

Since our mission here at SI Solar is to help our planet, we’ve listed just a few non-profit organizations that work toward improving and helping our earth. While you may decide to install solar on your roof, you may also want to consider supporting an earth-related charity, as well. Whatever you decide, know that your choice will help both current and future generations.

• The World Wildlife Fund
• Natural Resources Defense Council
• Sierra Club Foundation
• Nature Conservancy
• Wildlife Conservation Network
• The Conservation Fund
• Greenpeace
• Earth Share
• Rainforest Alliance
• Audobon Society
• Ocean Conservancy
• Friends of the Earth
• World Land Trust